Play Areas

Play Areas

Play Area for children – a universal attraction, without which it is currently impossible to organize entertainment space. We would like to present you a catalog of ready projects with labyrinths and children’s play rooms. In addition to the fact that we offer ready-made solutions, very often our company creates new Play Area projects for children on individual orders “to the customer”. The construction of labyrinths for children that our company performs is mobile and adapted to the necessary changes, modifications and extensions. Initially, you can order a small Play Area for children up to 20 sq m, and over time complete or expand it to large dimensions. Choosing, as an additional option, a trampoline complex, an attraction with a cannon ball, large or spiral slides or adding a play area with attractions to the Play Area.

Play Areas up to 20 m2

– an ideal solution for small commercial premises, ideally suited to a sports club, family restaurant, gas station or in the hotel complex.

Play Areas 20 – 50 m2

– a perfectly diversified play area that will fascinate children of all ages.

Play Areas 50 – 150 m2

– are no longer rare. Three, four, five and even more floors, packed with obstacles and tunnels, bridges and ropes, interactive game panels and triple slides – the land of eternal happiness, positive emotions and children’s laughter!

Play Areas over 150 m2
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