Attractions on the beach

Attractions on the beach

For over 15 years we produce, various attractions, trying to make your time on the beach and in the water more pleasant. This is a complex class of our attractions. In this class of attractions you can find: water slides, inflatable water trampoline complexes, water catapult and other attractions for lovers of active recreation.

Inflatable slides “Shuttle” – a series of water slides, which despite the passage of time has not lost its relevance. If you do not have electric power, you are not ready to set up permanent attractions, the “Shuttle” mobile inflatable slides are made for you. Pumping and installing the water slide takes about an hour, and will provide a fruitful work day. Mandatory use of an anchor or load.
Slide “Shuttle” with index “D” – inflatable water slide with a double track, allows you to use two tracks, which is cheaper than using two separately.
Waterslide “Shuttle” with the “TS” index – water slide with a curved track and pool. Pool will help you become independent from the whims of nature. The advantage of this water slide model is that it can be used in an open water. All you have to do is remove the pool!


modification М10 M10D М7,5 M7,5T M7,5TS
length of the track 10,0m 10,0m 7,5m 7,5m 7,5m+3,5м basen
width 4,0m 4,0m 4,0m 4,0m 4,0m
height 3,8m z bokami 3,8m z bokami 4,0m z bokami 4,0m z bokami 4,0m
modification М5 M5T M5D M5TS
length of the track 5,2m 5,2m 5,2m 5,2m+3,5м basen
width 3,0m 4,0m 4,0m 3,0m
height 2,7m 2,7m trampolina 2,7m dwa zjazdy 2,7m
modification М3 M3TS
length of the track 3,6m 3,6м+3,0м basen
width 2,0m 2,0m
height 1,8m 1,8m

Inflatable slide “Tsunami” – a new extreme variant of the water slide.
Technical data:
modification – M6S
The length of track – 21.5 m
width – 6.6 m
height – 8.6m
Height of starting platform – 6.0 m.

“Tytan” – inflatable water trampoline complex, which will become an amazing attraction for children who love everything at once: jump, climb and swim.
In the center of attraction there is a jumping net. Three elements are connected to three sides of the attraction.
● “log” – you can run and climb on it;
● “catapult” – one person jumps and the other takes off in the air;
● “slide” – the most popular element.
Please OBLIGATORY use of life jackets on this attraction Don’t save on security!
The attractions can be climbed from three sides by handy handles. It is mandatory to use anchorages when using the attractions.
Please OBLIGATORY use of life jackets on this attraction Don’t save on security!


modification 4×4 5×5
length 10,5m 12,5m
width 5,0m 6,0m
height 2,7m 4,0m
There is already football on grass, sand, but we offer “slippery football”. A small layer of water on slippery surfaces will give the game a completely new emotions. Do not be afraid of falls, the soft cover protects against possible injuries, and the game itself will provide you with an amazing experience.
In the set of attractions: an inflatable field with gates, a device to fill it and a special mat that is hard enough to run on it, but at the same time soft enough to prevent injuries even if attraction will be installed on a concrete surface.


modification M1 M2
length 28,0m 16,7m
width 15,0m 8,5m
height 2,5m 2,6m

Inflatable water attraction “Pyramid” – a big inflatable mountain, with one or two slides. The attractions can be climbed from two sides by handy handles.


Water polo attraction – an inflatable pitch that allows you to organize a water polo area in an open water or pool within minutes. In the set – a special ball.

Attraction “Aqua-volleyball” – an attraction for lovers of active recreation. In a few minutes you will install a multi-colored inflatable field on shallow water and you can play championships. In the set – a special ball.
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